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Our History

Much More Than Your Regular Bar


Famous Visitors

The following signatures were found for the listed dates in the Shohola Hotel guest book for lunch, dinner or room reservations.
- W.J. Wedge (Ringling Brothers Circus) 5-15-24
- Gloria Swanson (Actress) 7-30-27
- Ronald Coleman (Actor) 8-30-27 & 9-3-36
- Col. Charles Lindbergh (Aviator) 11-6-27
- Gertrude Ederle (Swimmer) 11-7-27
- Mary Pickford (Actress) 7-19-28
- John Gilbert (Actor) 7-19-28 & 9-3-36
- Barney Google (Movies) 8-13-28
- Clara Bow (Actress) 9-3-36

Civil War Train Wreck

On July 15, 1864 a troop train transporting prisoners of war wrecked.  Union and Confederate soldiers who had been injured were brought to the hotel since this was the largest facility in the area that could be converted into a hospital. Doctors were brought in from miles around to treat these Civil War soldiers from North and South.  It is even rumored that some Confederate soldiers escaped and eventually settled in the area.


Shohola Glen Hotel

John Kilgore was known as the King of Bluestone having quarried much of the stone that helped build New York City and Philadelphia.  His dream was to create the biggest and best resort along with an amazing amusement park. The railroad stopped running before he could realize his dream but there are faint remnants of the amusement park. Kilgore purchased the gravity railroad train car which was replaced the year before with more powerful engines and used it to take guests to the top of the hill and treat them to an exciting ride – the precursor to the modern day roller coaster. In its heyday, the Shohola Glen Hotel hosted many celebrities of the day. Silent film stars Gloria Swanson, John Gilbert, Mary Pickford and Clara Bow all signed the guest register that is still available for viewing. Other movie stars included Jean Harlow and Bette Davis. The most notable guest was Charles Lindburgh, the first person to fly solo, nonstop from Roosevelt field on Long Island to Paris France. Rohman's was rebuilt in 1885 and once again in 1941 after a fire. It was at this time that the second floor four lane bowling alley was added. It is one of the few bowling alleys in existence that still requires manual pin setting.


Current Day Look (as of June, 2022)

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